2011 Week Final

Submitted by Adam on Tue, 2012-01-10 06:04.

Ah, but to live life unapologetically, that's the spirit, yes? To root out your cynicism and sow instead joy. To live life in the moment with nary a care for tomorrow.  College football's national championship comes tonight. Are we really going to ruin this grand occasion with our complaints and dissatisfaction? That the system that has pretty well ruined the rest of the college football post-season in favor of delivering the ultimate best on best match-up has reduced us to an intra-divisional re-match shouldn't dull our enthusiasm. These really are the best two teams in college football. Surely they will entertain us. And, for the true fan, even when the football is bad, the football is pretty good. Right?

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2011 Week Fourteen

Submitted by Adam on Mon, 2011-12-05 16:24.

Well. Now that all the air has been sucked out of the room, I'd point out that a few football games not involving Alabama were actually played. Want to hear about them? Great!

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2011 Week Thirteen

Submitted by Adam on Mon, 2011-11-28 01:49.


"If you had been with Lewis and Clark, Oregon never would have become a state."

My wife the navigator does not generally put up with my smart-assery and this was no exception. 

"If you had been making the turns for them, they would have ended up in New Orleans."

The ubiquity of the GPS has eliminated most of these spousal interactions. But the presence of such a device in our car has not prevented me from driving south on Texas Farm-to-Market 13 between Troup and Henry's Chapel, which is about the biggest slice of "middle of nowhere" East Texas can serve. There's not much of Texas I haven't seen; now I can check FM 13 off the list. I was raised in the Panhandle, schooled in Austin, and married into East Texas (Cass County, far enough behind the pine curtain that even the Presbyterians handle snakes). I believe both Dallas and Houston are great cities and I would rather talk about what makes them great than spend my time bitching about their flaws. I've hiked the Big Bend, driven the border road through Presidio and dined in Matamoros. My father went to school in Galveston; my sister raised her kids in Beaumont and my mother's family has lived at all points in between. My late uncle, J.A. Edwards, was the last real cowboy in the family. We've had farmers and roughnecks and doctors and lawyers and teachers. I saw a very young Dwight Yoakam play in the bull barn at the XIT Rodeo in Dalhart. I love the San Antonio Spurs just a little less than I love my children.

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2011 Week Twelve

Submitted by Adam on Sun, 2011-11-20 20:15.

Nonsense is my favorite multi-purpose catch-all word. My own "aloha," I suppose. Smartly defined right out of the M-W.D., nonsense captures "foolish or meaningless words or actions." But I think of it more broadly, as a general synonym for chaos and upheaval in my household. Children cause this, both delightfully and annoyingly. One of the things that makes me sound like an old man is when I tell the kids:

"I don't have time to put up with this nonsense right now."

My teenager once responded (unhelpfully) with:

"Dad, will there be a point in the future when you will have time to put up with this nonsense?"

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2011 Week Eleven

Submitted by Adam on Sun, 2011-11-13 22:36.

Conference re-alignment has not completely dulled my enthusiasm for college football, just partially. Roughly about to the same extent the Transportation Safety Administration has dulled my enthusiasm for air travel. I maintain some appreciation for the theatre of the absurd, like the ten-team Big 12 and the 12-team Big Ten. But that's easy pickings. What's more interesting are events like Saturday's, where TCU and Boise State embarked on an epic conference rivalry, which will last exactly one game. Boise State got to host, since the Mountain West needed to punish TCU for leaving for the Big East (lucky them, the Big East won't get to punish TCU for anything: "Uhm, yeah, well, we like basketball, too and we appreciate the available BCS bid and all of that, but the thing is, well... gosh this is embarrassing, but the Big 12 kind of asked us out and, well, you were being all weird about it and all and so we kind of decided..."). Boise State has also endured all kinds of cruel and unusual punishment, not the least of which was to move into the Mountain West only to find that vandals had stolen all of the copper plumbing and the huge Mormon community was no longer interested in patronizing the neighborhood businesses. Oh well. One indignity that would not happen was for a perfectly tuned and talented Boise State squad with Kellen Moore at the controls to lose to a rebuilding and defensively erratic TCU. Justice would be served. The common man would assert his value for all the BCS hegemony to see. TCU, with this kick, you will be reminded of our shared struggle that you have so cavalierly left behind.

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2011 Week Ten

Submitted by Adam on Sun, 2011-11-06 21:29.

Fathers forget how hard it is to come inside. Our timing always stinks; we have no appreciation for ending a game in the front yard or driveway at the proper moment. We believe that shower time trumps our little Tom Brady facing third and 15 down six at Pittsburgh (I know, I am trying to raise a college football fan but Madden 2011 gets in the way sometimes). This leads to the one thing all those hand-wringing parenting books tell you to avoid: negotiating with an eight-year-old. Some of the terms are easy. Make your last jump shot, end with a catch (or a hit), next goal wins, depending on the season. You might imagine by this point that the middle of my lawn is a complete disaster.

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2011 Week Eight

Submitted by Adam on Mon, 2011-10-24 00:30.


My mom didn't cotton to bored children. If you ever said "I'm bored," she would counter with a list of activities. If you didn't chose one, then she would tell you that your boredom was your own fault. There is justice in this. But Saturday, she would have been hard-pressed.

"Well, you could watch Oklahoma State/Missouri, or LSU/Auburn, or Texas A&M/Iowa State or Oregon/Colorado..."

Still bored. And no mother in the world would argue with that. The whole first-half of the season has been boring. Oh, there have been some great games and some amazing individual performances and some high quality football played, but not a single defining moment and certainly not a signature upset. All chalk, as they say.

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